Crypto project: Veggie

Interesting crypto project with a mission. 25% of generated wealth goes to an animal fund to save animals. From the developers:

Small tech startup develops new way anyone can save animals, without spending money.

Veggie is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, designed to raise funds for animals. Using their new software Veggie-qt, users generate a cryptocurrency called Veggie. The user keeps 75% of the coins they generate. The remaining 25% is sent to a separate animal fund.

The Veggie community votes on which animal charities and initiatives to fund with the separate animal fund. Users don’t need to donate their money to make a real difference to the welfare of animals. Simply by running the software, users will generate wealth for themselves and help make an amazing impact on animals around the world.

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency, that has gained massive popularity in recent years. With the rise of currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cryptocurrency market value now stands at over $500 billion. The Veggie team is developing groundbreaking advancements in this technology, to improve the welfare of animals globally.

On the first day of release, hundreds of miners in the Veggie community began mining. In just one month, the community has generated over 800,000 coins, and over 200,000 coins have been generated in the animal fund.

Veggie is due to be listed with a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. When Veggie becomes available on exchanges, the public can begin trading it. The coins generated in the separate animal fund will be allocated to a number of charities, funds and initiatives which are chosen by the community.

The Veggie developers are currently improving the user-friendliness of the software for future updates. A simple tutorial on how to mine Veggie coins can be found here. The Veggie software is available on Windows, OSX and Linux, and can be found here. A more detailed description of the software can be found at the Veggie website


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Quick guide: Mining BiblePay (BBP) on your computer

This short guide will get you up and running mining BiblePay (BBP) on your computer – either on your own or using a mining pool.

First you need to download the wallet. Get it at Download the wallet that fits your system. We’ll be using the Windows 64bit version for this guide.

Let the download finish and install the wallet. When you run a wallet for the first time, the entire blockchain is downloaded to your computer. This can take a while – just be patient and wait.

Meanwhile, register at one of the mining pools for mining your coins. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you’re mining using an average PC, you could go for many weeks before seeing any mining rewards. Using a pool, you’ll get a smaller amount, but more often as you mine with other users. Currently you have two to choose from:
0-6% fee, 24 hours maturity
2%-fee, 24 hours maturity

Now we need to modify a file called biblepay.conf and tell your wallet to start mining. If you’re on Windows press the Windows key + R to bring up a Run… box. Type %AppData%\BiblepayCore and press enter. Locate the biblepay.conf file and open it in your editor. Add the following to your file: 

The first two lines add a few nodes from the BiblePay network. Next we have gen=1, telling the wallet to mine. Genproclimit=1 is the limit on processes the wallet can use for mining. Check your CPU usage and try raising the limit. Poolport=80 simply tells the wallet to submit results via post 80 on youer compurter.

Remember to change the last two lines to fit your mining pool and worker information. The address for the official mining pool is – and remember to put in your own username.

Have fun mining BiblePay / BBP!