Monitoring masternode investments

Ready to invest in an altcoin masternode? Picking the right coin can be a bit of a headache, but a new line of masternode comparison websites are popping up, showing a lot of financial stats on a wide range of coins.

The 3 websites listed here are more or less covering the same coins, but as some of the sites are “pay-to-list”, some coins are missing out.

We’ll be looking at 3 masternode monitoring websites:


Clean simple website with plenty of info on 41 coins. At it’s also possible to setup your own list, monitoring the masternodes you decide. Unknown listing price. Full HTTPS site.

Horrible looking website. Basic info on the masternodes and no special features compared to other sites. Site code available on Github. Coin listing is USD400.

Basic financial info for the masternodes. Free alert service (beta) for monitoring your own masternodes.

So… Which monitor to choose? Well, I can’t pick one over the other, as they all have unique coins listed and unique services offered. Also, you should NEVER rely on a single source of information in the world of crypto. Keep these sites in mind when planning your next masternode investment, and you’ll be off on a good start.

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