Crypto currency faucets: The list of sites still worth using in 2018

Crypto currency faucets

Faucets are websites where you can claim a tiny amount of coins – typically just for visiting the site. Go to the faucet website, enter your payment address and claim a little dust from time to time – it’s free money!

Crypto Currency Faucets and AdBlockers

Faucet website owners typically show you ads, videos or other incentives in exchange for the free crypto coins offered. If you use ad blocking software, the faucet owners don’t make any money showing ads – so why should they share free coins with you? Please disable your ad blocking software when visiting faucet websites.

Highly recommend faucets

Here is a small list of highly recommended faucets. They have all been in operation for a long time and have a nice record of payouts. Each faucet can be visited once every 5 minutes, so give it a try.

Let your computer earn coins while you sleep

When you’re not visting faucets to claim free crypto currency, you can let your computer do all the hard work for you. By web mining crypto currency, you use your computers power to earn free coins while you’re busy doing other stuff.
Continue to our short guide on web mining crypto currency here.

What to do with your coins

Every time you collect bitcoin. litecoin, dogecoin or another currency from the websites listed in the previous section, your coins are sent to a central processor called CoinPot. CoinPot is a payments processor for several sites and services using crypto currency. You can easily exchange currencies to other currencies and CoinPot have a very low minimum payout treshold.

A fast(er) way to get your coins

Collect coins from all the sites listed above and exchange them to ONE single currency to reach minimum payout limits faster. Here’s an example:

  • Collect from the 5 sites on a daily basis
  • Your coins are sent to CoinPot
  • Exchange all your coins into ONE single currency
  • This will speed up your way to getting your payments