Earn Digital Price [DP] by playing a game

A fun way to get coin “dust” is by interacting with fun services like bitrad.io (where you get paid for listening to music) or this web game called Digital Trip.

Digital Trip is a 3D flying experience in space where you have to collect coins while avoiding rocks tumbling your way. The longer you keep playing, the more coins you collect. You can also collect power-ups like the HTML5 logo, which will act as a shield against the ever on-coming flying rocks.

Once you run out of energy, you can see your total amount collected. Enter our Digital Price [DP] address in order to have your coins sent over. (You need to download the Digital Price wallet from www.digitalprice.org)

Play now at digitaltrip.win

Digital Price is a PoS coin. It is traded at Bleutrade, CoinExchange.io and Cryptopia and wallets are available for Windows and Mac.

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